The life and health insurance industries will be interested with the incorporation of the Brainscreen tool for use in the underwriting of policies. To be contemplated in scope as blood/urine/data collection at the time of policy underwriting, Brainscreen may be administered by paramedical personel or applicant can log onto system to have test administered.

Property, Casualty and Life and Health insurers adopt Brainscreen as a further pre-screening tool for the underwriting of group and individual disability, accident & sickness, travel, life and other associated insurance policies. Brainscreen would reside on portable or desktop computing hardware systems and may be administered by an insurers designate such a paramedical during the routine collection of blood and urine samples for the aforementioned purposes. Brainscreen would alert stakeholders to the presence of possible pre-existing dementia and associated cognitive impairments. Brainscreen outcome data would be provided to interested stakeholders and direction provided for appropriate follow-up activity if required, such as education, detailed testing and/or direction to family healthcare practitioner