Brainscreen may be adopted to provide a fast, easy, accessible screening tool at the time of regular renewals of driver's licenses. Government agencies may achieve positive outcome overlap through the promotion of Safe Driving Policy, in addition to healthcare through early identification that will permit rehabilitative therapies to be inititated to slow/stop progession.

Utilizing the Brainscreen testing software as installed on applicable computing hardware or kiosk systems, North American drivers within their specific jurisdiction, can be screened for dementia (i.e., cognitive impairment) in tandem with appropriate government licensing departments. i.e. Provincial/State Ministries and Departments of Transportation. Outcomes based on predetermined heuristic grading will determine immediate next step action based on test score achieved. Results will dictate three possible outcomes. (1) No action required (i.e., no evidence of cognitive impairment, and thus driver is renewable (“green light”); (2) Further investigation is required in light of possible cognitive impairment that places driver and others at risk, although driver can continue to drive for up to three months (i.e., driver has 6 months to complete formal examination of cognitive status (“yellow light”); (3) Most probable cognitive impairment of a breadth and severity whereby the driver’s license should not be renewed at present time, whilst further investigation is mandatory (“red light”). Hemisphere Centre for Mental Health then works with interested stakeholders to assist on appropriate direction for further testing and possible treatment with the involvement of drivers family and health practitioner.